Installing a legacy boot image in SCCM to support XP migrations.

Installing a legacy boot image in SCCM to support XP migrations.

Overview with the release of ADK 8.1 support for Windows XP is no longer available. As a result administrators that wish to migrate from XP to Windows 7 using SCCM will have to use the ADK 8.0 to generate boot media. In addition to using a legacy PE image, administrators will also want to be sure that hotfix KB2910552 is also installed (see: ). This procedure will also work for importing other wims with other customizations

Overview this procedure describes how to

  1. Download the  ADK 8.0
  2. Install the ADK on a computer (does not need to be the site server) using the default values
  3. At the feature selection select Deployment Tools and the Windows Pre-installation Environment (Windows PE)
  4. ADIK8
  5. Once it is installed, launch the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment as an administrator
  6. launchadk
  7. Enter copype x86 c:\sccmlegacyx86 and hit enter The folder c:\sccmlegacyx86 can be changed as desired
  8. CMD-ADK
  9. After the command successful completes, a boot wim will be created at C:\SCCMLegacyx86\media\sources, Copy this file to the sccm sources in our example (\\\sms_tst\osd\boot\i386\legacy.wim)
  10. In the SCCM console go to software library and click on boot images. In the ribbon click on add boot image.
  11. sccm-addboot
  12. Enter the path of the wim file (where it was copied to) and select the boot image.addbootimage
  13. In this example I have named the image legacy. You can confirm that it is using the older version, as the OS version will state 6.2.9200.16384 instead of 6.2.9600 (ADT 8.1).
  14. bootimages
  15. The only thing left to do after this is to ensure that the task sequences are updated to reflect the older wim. To do this right click on the task sequence and click properties. Make sure it is set to use the legacy boot wim.
  16. Taskproperties

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